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  • Both my dog and cat are regularly seen at Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic, with my great confidence and satisfaction. To begin with, this place was recommended to me by a veterinarian who does individual dog training, including with traumatized dogs. Having seen her work effectively with Mozart, my reactive, abused rescue dog, I completely trust her judgment on what would constitute good medical care for him. When I had my first appointment for my little guy, I was not disappointed. We have continued to go to SVC for both of my pets. Every staff person I have interacted with there has been personable, professionsl, and competent. I have met with a variety of vets there, all of whom have worked well with me and my critters. However, I have chosen Dr. C.J. Smith as my "go to" vet because she has been over-the-top when caring for my dog. Several years ago he had several teeth removed and seemed to be having a reaction. I brought him in for a quick check-up. Mozart was taken in immediately, at no extra charge as a follow-up to the oral surgery. As we waited in the examination room, he was so scared, he was shaking. This was his first time seeing Dr. Smith. She came in, sat on the floor, and began talking to both of us. Soon she took him into her arms and held him. Instead of putting him up on an examination table, she held him until he calmed, making sure he could see me. She then did the exam sitting on the floor, with Mo on her lap. She explained to me what she was checking and in the end reassured me that he was fine. Dr. Smith further discussed what might be signals of respiratory distress and other symptoms which should raise a concern. Just this week I took my hypervigilant and anxious cat Dolly to the SVC for her annual exam. I was delighted that Dr. Smith again accommodated my rescue animal's fear. I was holding Dolly in my lap when the doctor came in. She immediately stooped down and petted Dolly, subtly checking what she needed to for the physical. She even listened to her heart and lungs while I was holding my cat. By the time Dolly needed to be taken to the back room for blood tests and a shot, she was completely calm. Needless to say, I am delighted with the service my pets have received at Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic. I will continue to take my critters there and to recommend their services to anyone looking for excellent veterinary care.
    Carol Ann B.
  • I highly recommend the Sunnyvale Cat Clinic which is part of the Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic. Our precious 19 year old cat was attacked by another animal in the middle of the night and was in poor shape when we took her to the clinic. Dr. Johnson was so kind and gentle with our cat and the entire clinic staff were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Dr. Johnson provided us with several options and helped us to decide what would be the best care for our cat at this time. A staff member called us the next day to see how our cat was doing on the meds and urgent care food and followed up with a thank you note and another call a week later to see if we had any questions. Their thoughtful time and attention were invaluable to help us to understand what to expect during the recovery process and which foods our cat should eat and which foods she should avoid. Thankfully our cat is doing much better and we are indebted to the clinic staff for their wonderful help. Thank you!
    Trish A.
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