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  • Empathetic, caring and thoughtful. The wonderful staff and doctors at Sunnyvale Vet Clinic met me and my family at our complete worst. We found one of my dogs had a very aggressive disease and they did everything they could that night including staying open past business hours for us so she could have fluids and pain medicine before we took her to overnight ER where she unfortunately did not make it. A few weeks later we received a letter from UC Davis saying there was a memorial donation made in honor of our dog by Dr. Singh and Sunnyvale Vet Clinic. Cannot say enough good things about this place.
    Christine Imaizumi
  • I am the proud owner of "the world's smartest dog" as well as two adorable cats. I am sure this is the sentiment of many people out there so if you can relate then you know the fears we all have when our furry friends are sick and can't verbally tell us what's wrong. Well, relatively recently my dog who is 13 started acting unusual and I knew something was not quite right. Not eating his dinner, acting lethargic (yes he's old but he's quite active) and having trouble walking. I brought him into this clinic and everyone was so sympathetic and nice he didn't even seem annoyed by all the prodding. They also have a Cat only clinic which apparently shares staff as I have seen a lot of the same people over the years. Really great staff and treatment of my "furry family" and I highly recommend them!
    Angel A.
  • 4.5 Google Rating