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  • I would only trust the best for my fur child! Anyone who knows me knows that I genuinely treat my dog like my kid. And my little Sunny has had some allergy problems, some breathing problems, and a few other "kids eat the darndest things" episodes, so we had to find the right vet fast. SVC works with the Oakridge Vet in San Jose, so they can see you in either location. Everyone here is SO friendly and you can tell they all truly love animals. After Sunny comes in, they always call a few days later just to check on him and see how we're doing. They're also very proactive with treatment ideas, and avoid over-the-top or expensive options in favor of what will work quickly and easily. I'm so grateful that we have Sunnyvale Vet Clinic close to us!

    Delaynie K.

  • Oakridge and Sunnyvale are an exceptional group of vets. I know they're in a little strip mall (if that's a thing ... like, OMG, I would never go to a vet in a strip mall), but they're great vets. I loved my vets in LA, and I thought they were really good BUT ... for 4 years, they expressed Winston's anal glands. I took him to Sunnyvale a couple weeks ago because YES, he was licking his butt, and it smelled like 10 levels of hell. The vet tech asked if he was licking anything else ... I thought about it and he had been licking his paws. The vet tech asked if he was scratching his wards. I thought about it and he HAD been scratching his ears. She suggested a vet see him. The vet checked him over and took a more thorough history, then diagnosed allergies. I have a s*** ton of allergies from living in LA, it seems logical that Winnie would too. The vet gave me treatment options. I selected shots, because Winston is a master at taking a treat slathered in peanut butter with a tiny pill hidden amongst the peanut butter, chewing away, swallowing, and spitting out the pill. He didn't scratch or lick anything (except his Johnson, of court) for several weeks. Call me a satisfied customer!!

    Lee B.

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