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Why did Dr. Chahal become a veterinarian?

"Being from a rural background and having vivid memories spending my childhood among farm animals and guard dogs, I never had a fear of interaction with animals. The farm animals were, in a way, our 'pets' too. 


Living in a large city while I completed my education, I used to observe stray dogs and cattle on the streets and wonder who they belonged to and what could be done for them. Whenever I had the chance, I would try to sneak them pieces of bread or some flour and milk, as a way of trying to help these silently suffering animals.


Being accepted to veterinary school, began the fulfillment of my dream of further helping animals come true. After migrating to the US and setting up my clinics, I still traveled every year to India to help teach new techniques for spaying and neutering stray pets. I also enjoy giving back by providing services and expertise to local rescue organizations."

Baljit Chahal, DVM

Dr. Baljit Chahal was born and raised in India.  Despite his upbringing in a very rural part of the country, he was able complete his undergraduate education and earned a veterinary degree in 1982 from Punjab Agricultural University, one of India’s leading veterinary programs. 


Four years after receiving his veterinary degree, Dr. Chahal moved to the United States and completed his American certification through the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates, also passing the state licensing boards in Illinois, Florida and California.  In 1989, he settled in the Bay Area, working as an associate veterinarian in Hayward.  


Shortly after arriving in the California, Dr. Chahal opened his first practice in 1991 in San Jose.  He would go on to acquire three additional clinics in Silicon Valley culminating in the opening of his flagship practice, Canyon Creek Pet Hospital, in 2011.   


When medical and family issues arose in 2017, Dr. Chahal sold his practices to concentrate on his health and life at home.  Following a two-year sabbatical and recuperation period, Dr. Chahal wanted to return to practicing medicine full time and chose to join Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic, owned by his long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Raj Singh. 


Dr. Chahal works with cats and dogs. His primary interests include general medicine, soft tissue surgery, preventative medicine and endocrinology.  His future goals include obtaining his Fear Free certification (a priority for all SVC staff) and developing advanced skills in the practice of feline medicine.  


Outside of work, Dr. Chahal enjoys attending seminars, studying personal development and reading about the Sikh religion, with a special interest in the history and artifacts of Sikh Gurus.  He also loves to spend time with his two grown children, a son who is a family and marriage therapist and a daughter who is studying to become a nurse practitioner. 


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