Our Purpose and our Promise

Our Purpose…

Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic is more than just a business.  SVC is a community for those of us who have been forever changed by the human-animal bond.  Our community – clients and employees alike – is united by one fundamental belief:  pets are family. 


Our individual definitions of “family” may vary, but we all share some common goals when it comes to looking out for our family members:

  • We want them to be safe from physical or emotional harm.

  • We want to act openly, honestly and ethically towards them.

  • We want to understand their feelings and to lend a hand when they need it.

  • We want an emotional connection with them and for them to feel that connection with us.

  • We want the best for them and to give them the best chance for success.

  • We want to feel we are not alone in caring for them – that we are part of a team of caretakers.


Because pets cannot speak for themselves, our role goes beyond caring for animal family members  – we must also care for the humans who are their custodians every day.  It’s an enormous responsibility, and an enormous honor, one that we do not take lightly. 

To that end, each and every staff member at SVC has pledged to uphold the following promises:

  • I promise to make safety my first priority – with patients, clients, colleagues and myself – by not taking unnecessary risks, by using the protective equipment available to me, and by using common sense to guide my actions.

  • I promise to be truthful and ethical at all times when it comes to issues both large and small; and to do the right thing even if doing so is more difficult for me.

  • I promise to try to stand in other people’s shoes, to respect the experiences that have contributed to their emotional state.  And I promise I will, in all interactions, first and foremost, concentrate on other individual’s needs and how I can help, before contemplating my own.

  • I promise to find a personal connection with each person in the SVC community, colleague or client, being mindful that every interaction I have with others leaves an impression – one that I want to be memorable and positive.

  • I promise to keep moving forward with my skills, seeking to improve, innovate and develop so that SVC can do the same.  I promise to embrace what is new, and to approach unfamiliar ideas with an open mind.

  • I promise to be a member of a team, as opposed to a solo player.  I will humbly and enthusiastically help where help is needed, teach where teaching is needed, take constructive feedback when offered, and consider the strength and well-being of the whole community rather than mine alone.