Dogs and Puppies

Welcome to our dogs and puppies page! Our blog is periodically updaated with information about dogs, including articles by our doctors and staff about dental health, behavior and training, and more! The following resources may be helpful to you as well:

Preventing and Solving Behavior Problems

Before You Get Your Puppy book

Free download! This excellent book by Dr. Ian Dunbar has loads of great information about getting ready to get a puppy, and what to do (and not to do!) once you bring your puppy home. Click to download in .pdf format:

Before You Get Your Puppy (free download)


Dr. Sohia Yin's Behavior Web Site

Dr. Yin was a well known Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist in Davis, CA. Sadly, she passed away in September 2014. Her web site is still maintained by her staff and has an amazing amount of dog and cat behavior information, articles, videos and more.


Local Puppy Training:

Sirius Puppy Training

brown and white dog

Pet Health Care Web Sites

Healthy Pet: sponsored by AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) includes a pet care library and printable coloring pages for kids. an excellent web site which covers the care of dogs, cats, and other pets. You can find a wealth of information here.

AVMA: sponsored by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). Information about pet care and safety, choosing a pet, pet loss and more.